Qingyang Riverfront Park

Qingyang Riverfront Park

Location: Chengdu, Sichuan Province, PR China

Completed in: Ongoing

Total Landscape Area : 65 Hectares



The design intent for this 7km long riverfront park is to emphasize the relationship between the Jiangan and Erdao Rivers, the existing commercial facilities and the Public Riverfront Greenspace

The riverfront park is intended to provide a relaxation space for the people living in the surrounding neighbourhoods as well as become destination site for other residents of the City of Chengdu. While the park provides complementary service facilities to the community, it also upgrades the land value of the surrounding properties by creating a nice, romantic and natural space for relaxation as well as for the enjoyment of the beautiful views on the river and other surrounding natural features. The park offers light commercial facilities to the visitors and greatly improves the ecological balance by introducing numerous plantings, shade along the river edges and a public concentration of green space along the river.

Although the design intent is to create a relaxing atmosphere, some areas will offer spaces for entertainment and cultural activities – either planned or improvised – in additional to some light commercial facilities.


The Concept Goal

The Design Requirement for this project requires the development of a strong identity for the overall design of the park, while creating an ever-changing mood from one parcel to another. Based on the control plan, the site of the park is naturally divided in parcels by various housing lots, streets and bridges. This creates various Landscape Units that were developed Units with their own features and design theme. The beautiful natural river corridor with its vegetation will serve as the unifying element in the project.

Based on these unique site features and the fact that this area is most likely to attract a more sophisticated clientele,  the design team has opted to use a series of international themes, or styles, that will fit harmoniously with the general thematic of the surrounding residential lots. Therefore, using well known cultural styles related to foreign landscape practices, WAA has proposed the following themes as the design basis for each plot. Starting from the upper reaches of the river we have seven different Thematic Areas:


  1. The English Garden
  2. The American Garden
  3. The French Garden
  4. The Palatial Garden or Green Axis
  5. The Asia Garden
  6. The Danish Canal Garden
  7. The Canadian Garden


Using distinctive cultural features related to the theme and country chosen, the team has created a unique design for each area. The intention is to provide the visitor with a strong sense of identity when one travels from one portion to another. By this mean, the visitors are either solicited to visit all the parcels along the river or if they chose to stay in one area, they will then have the need to come back for additional visits.

Ultimately, this approach creates an ever-changing landscape reinforcing the sense of discovery and exploration along the river. It aims to increase the mobility of the visitors and encourages them to discover various areas of this ecological and natural park created along the sparkling water of the river.


    Chengdu, Sichuan, China