Zhongtang Park

Zhongtang Park

Year: 2005

Located in Suzhou Industrial Park, Zhongtang Park is a community park, 10ha in size. WAA is commissioned to do landscape design from concept to design development, it’s designed to create a nice environment for people in the community to take a stroll and relaxation, to do exercise and other activities.


The site is divided in two plots; the west and east plots. The west plot is divided into five different areas. The first one is in direct relationship to the river. The second and third are composed of the larger topographical movement encircling the fourth area at the heart of the Park. The fifth and final area consists of the sidewalk plaza connected to the city side


The landscape design include topography, circulation and paving, planting, lighting and urban furniture, art and culture.


    Suzhou, Jiangsu, China