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Project Narrative

There has always been a close relationship between the army and the landscape. Many missions were lost and won because of the geographic or climatic peculiarities of a site. Each landscape dictates to the military installation strategies, and although they change their uniforms to hide and blend into their environment, their values remain unchanged: hierarchy, uniformity, order and discipline.

This new 1250m2 public space in St-Hyacinthe is a place of encounter and socialization with a soft and not imposed commemorative subtlety. Here, each component and material is inspired by the army’s defensive works, and all come together to celebrate remembrance and perpetual recognition.

Gabions, in an orderly rhythm, make reference to the ephemeral and demountable military structures, while Corten steel suggests by its crude finish the harsh natural conditions frequently encountered, as well as solidity and the ability to merge with the landscape.

Like the pixelated camouflage of the uniforms, plants heights and colors together with three different tones of paving stones intermingle and amalgamate on the ground.

Scattered and hidden behind walls and vegetation, human-sized soldiers accompany and secure us. Negative silhouettes represent the past and missing soldiers, while positive silhouettes represent the present with its still serving soldiers.
At night, an ambient lighting embraces these security guards and protects passers-by, while 22 candles turn the paving into a starry sky.


St-Hyacinthe, Québec, Canada


Parks, Gardens & Squares


1,250 m2


Ville de St-Hyacinthe




EXP / Services-conseils, ingénierie


2021 / Gold winner, 14 Édition Grands Prix Du Design


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