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WAA is a leading multi-disciplinary firm specializing in landscape architecture, urban design, and urban planning. Founded in 1986, our headquarters are located in Montreal, with additional offices in Shanghai, China, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

At WAA, our mission is to craft modern environments that harmoniously integrate social, cultural, and economic values while safeguarding the well-being of future generations.



At WAA, we hold utmost regard for our clients' needs, ensuring a thorough understanding of their objectives. Our dedication extends to respecting the environment and embracing local culture in all our endeavors. We highly value our employees, appreciating their insights and fostering an environment of mutual respect. Nurturing their self-esteem is a primary focus, fostering stronger work relationships and enhanced creativity.


At WAA, our decisions are rooted in unwavering ethics and beliefs. We hold ourselves accountable to express our genuine opinions to clients, fostering transparent and open communication. Moreover, we adamantly avoid any conflicts of interest, upholding our commitment to integrity and impartiality.


At WAA, we prioritize producing enduring results in all our work. Our design and planning decisions revolve around quality and sustainability. This commitment encompasses meticulous attention to design, materials, and construction techniques, ensuring the longevity of the final product and maximizing returns on our clients' investments.


At WAA, we take immense pride in our role as industry leaders, consistently pushing the boundaries to present innovative concepts and designs. Within our organization, we actively promote and nurture leadership qualities among our employees, empowering them to flourish and embrace greater responsibilities.


At WAA, we champion happiness as a guiding principle. It not only fosters a positive work atmosphere but also serves as the essence of our design philosophy. We aim to imbue the spaces we create with happiness, ensuring people's joyful experiences within them. Additionally, we endeavor to bring happiness to our clients throughout our collaboration, culminating in their elation when witnessing their projects come to life.

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