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Commercial & Residential



Canderel & Cadillac Fairview


5,165 m2




Montreal, Québec, Canada


BLTA Architecture / IBI Architecture / NCK Mechanical engineer / BPA engineering consulting / Camdi Design Interior design


2021 / 2022

Phase 3 of the Tour des Canadiens (TDC3) is located in the Ville-Marie borough, at the corner of the bustling Saint-Antoine Ouest and de la Montagne streets. The neighborhood is undergoing rapid change, and the urban fabric is being punctuated by many new residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects.

TDC3 is Phase 2’s twin tower, and together they occupy a prime downtown location, a few meters across from Phase 1 of the Tour des Canadiens, and near a park, a metro station, and of course, the Bell Center, the famous headquarters of the Canadiens de Montréal.

Because of this proximity and interaction with the Bell Center, the urban interface of the TDC3 needed to be permeable and welcoming to large crowds, yet resilient, withstanding, and still commanding a certain degree of privacy of grounds. This blurred line or erased threshold between public and private became the driving force behind the creation of the pocket park, an elegantly designed private space with complete public, as well as the choice of durable and solid material and well thought construction details that will age well.

The brushed and perforated stainless steel prismatic compositions (the Jewels) are good examples of this approach. Initially designed as ventilation covers, they quickly became emblematic of the space, and define its refinement and elegance with sleek geometric lines. They light up at night and become elegant lanterns that add glamour to the park. The same goes for the main entrance where granite planters constitute a clear demarcation between public and private space, while at the same time are welcoming to visitors who wish to pause, sit, and enjoy the streetscape.

While the periphery of the tower is designed to be tough and resilient, the interior courtyard of the towers is only accessible to TDC3 residents, and displays a lush setting, a poetic seasonal succession that will tickle the senses of the residents all year long. Colours, textures, and smells mingle and mix to offer a beautifully laid out space for socializing, and for play. Designed on top of a parking slab, the courtyard had to incorporate a palette of creative ideas and cost-efficient solutions that allowed this type of lush landscape. Elegant lighting enhances evenings and nights making it a secure and welcoming space for neighbors to meet and mingle.

Intensive and extensive green roofs add a beautiful fifth façade to the residential complex, and positively contribute to the ecological footprint of the towers.

Elegant materials, contrasting colours, dynamic lines mingle with a beautiful choice of plant species that show interest all year long and throughout the seasons to create a classy atmosphere that elevates the senses of visitors and residents alike.

TDC3 is a graceful and a masterful proposal in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, on a site overwhelmed with constraints and technical challenges. It proposes an abundant green space and an urban oasis in a rather hostile environment, where such lush and urban landscape become rare and few. It is a testimony of how beautiful and creative solutions and solid interdisciplinary coordination are a must and a key to success.

Project Narrative

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